Higher Lifetime Energy. Lower LCOE. Superior Return.

First Solar Series 6 photovoltaic (PV) modules set the industry benchmark for reliable energy production, optimized design and environmental performance.

Up to 480Watts

Up to 19.0%Efficiency

30 YearLinear Performance Warranty

0.3%Warranted Annual Degradation Rate

Optimized Design

Innovative Under-Mount Frame

Incorporates SpeedSlots enabling faster installation times and lower mounting hardware costs

Dual Junction Box Design

Reduces wire management complexity and cost

Series 6 Plus Bifacial

World’s First Bifacial CadTel Module

More Lifetime Energy per Nameplate Watt

Industry’s best warranted annual degradation rate: 0.3%

Industry’s Only Cell Cracking Warranty

Immune to and warranted against power loss from cell cracking

Exceptional Performance

Superior temperature coefficient, spectral and shading response

Unrivaled Quality and Reliability

Singular manufacturing process with 100% QA/QC traceability

Leading Environmental Profile

Lowest carbon footprint, water footprint, and energy payback time

Made Responsibly

Comprehensive supply chain management with zero tolerance for forced labor

Advanced Design

Series 6 modules offer an advanced design that is optimized for every stage of your application, significantly reducing balance of system, shipping and operating costs.

First Solar’s unique frame design allows for nested stacking to maximize shipping and handling efficiencies

Reliable Performance

Based on First Solar’s proven CadTel technology, Series 6 modules are independently tested and certified for reliable performance that exceeds IEC standards, even in the most extreme environments.

End-to-End Manufacturing

Series 6 modules are manufactured under one roof with a 100% traceable QA/QC program that results in a globally consistent and high-quality product.

Compare Series 6 Modules


Series 6

430 - 460 watts / up to 18.6% efficiency

Series 6 Plus

455 - 480 watts / up to 19.0% efficiency

Series 6 Plus Bifacial

455 - 480 watts / up to 19.0% efficiency
More lifetime energy per nameplate watt from superior temperature coefficient, spectral response, shading behavior and industry’s best 0.3% warranted annual degradation rate
Innovative SpeedSlot mounting feature for the industry’s fastest installation times and lowest mounting hardware costs
Dual junction box design reduces wire management complexity and cost
No power loss from LiD or LeTID
Immune to and warranted against power loss from cell cracking
Industry’s best environmental profile with the lowest carbon and water footprint, and fastest energy payback
Enhanced soiling and snow shedding from under-mount frame
Enhanced BOS savings through fewer connections and less mounting hardware per watt
Overall lower LCOE for a competitive return on investment
Manufactured under one roof for unrivaled quality & reliability
Responsibly manufactured with zero tolerance for forced labor
Larger form factor for more watts per module, with minimal impact to structure design
Added bifacial energy yield
Application Fixed Tilt & Tracker Fixed Tilt & Tracker Fixed Tilt & Tracker
Market Global Global Global
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