A High-Quality Thin Film CadTel Module Made in America, for America.

Series 7 modules combine First Solar’s thin film cadmium telluride (CadTel) technology with a larger form factor and an innovative new back rail mounting system to deliver improved efficiency, enhanced installation velocity, and unmatched lifetime energy performance for utility-scale PV projects. Developed in close collaboration with EPCs, structure and component providers, Series 7 modules are optimized for both form and function. Series 7 T1 is Made in America exclusively for the US utility-scale market and further enhances lifetime energy for your large-scale projects.

Download the Series 7 TR1 Datasheet

Up to 550Watts

Up to 19.7%Efficiency

30 YearLinear Performance Warranty

0.3%Warranted Annual Degradation Rate

Delivering Unmatched Value and Innovation

Larger Form Factor

More watts per install operation for lower BOS costs

Back Rail Mounting Design

Faster installation velocity vs. Series 6

Enhanced Soiling & Snow Shedding

From under-mount back rails

More Lifetime Energy per Nameplate Watt

Industry’s best warranted annual degradation rate: 0.3%

Industry’s Only Cell Cracking Warranty

Immune to and warranted against power loss from cell cracking

Exceptional Performance

Superior temperature coefficient, spectral and shading response

Unrivaled Quality and Reliability

Singular manufacturing process with 100% QA/QC traceability

Leading Environmental Profile

Lowest carbon footprint, water footprint, and energy payback time

Made Responsibly in America

Comprehensive supply chain management with zero tolerance for forced labor

Innovative Back Rail Mounting System

The Series 7 TR1 has galvanized steel back rails and next generation mounting methods will provide easier and quicker field operations resulting in a faster installation velocity, and lower BOS costs vs. Series 6.

The added strength of galvanized steel allows Series 7 TR1 modules to be mounted closer to the center of rotation on a tracker, improving the mechanical efficiency of the motors and dampeners. This can significantly reduce BOS costs by enabling longer tracker rows for more watts per motor, dampener and torque tube.

Larger Module Form Factor

First Solar’s proprietary manufacturing process and CadTel technology allow more form factor flexibility because it is not constrained by industry standard cell or wafer sizes. Along with the added strength and rigidity of galvanized steel back rails, the 1216mm x 2300mm module design optimizes form and function without fear of power loss from cell cracking or other performance-related issues prevalent in crystalline silicon modules.

More Lifetime Energy per Nameplate Watt

Series 7 modules will feature the industry’s best 0.3% warranty-backed annual degradation rate, and boasts a superior temperature coefficient, spectral and shading response – delivering more lifetime energy per installed watt compared to leading bifacial crystalline silicon PV panels.

Built in America for America

Series 7 TR1 is designed in California and Ohio and manufactured in Ohio specifically for the US utility-scale market. Utilizing uniquely American technology, First Solar transforms a sheet of glass into a fully functional PV module in just four-and-a-half hours. Our latest flagship solar module will incorporate the lessons learned and advantages of Series 6 and Series 6 Plus, building on more than two decades of R&D and product development experience to deliver a truly optimized system solution. Series 7 TR1 will be produced with comprehensive supply chain management and zero tolerance for forced labor

A Collaborative Process for Success

From day one, First Solar’s product engineering team has worked in deep collaboration with leading EPCs, structure and component providers to create a module that is part of an integrated system solution. By sharing designs and incorporating feedback from industry partners, First Solar has designed a module that is truly optimized for form, function, and cost.

Compare Series 7 Modules


Series 7 TR1

525 - 550 watts / up to 19.7% efficiency

Series 7 FT1

505 - 540 watts / up to 19.3% efficiency
More lifetime energy per nameplate watt from superior temperature coefficient, spectral response, shading behavior and industry’s best 0.3% warranted annual degradation rate
Innovative back rail mounting design for faster installation velocity vs. Series 6
Dual junction box design reduces wire management complexity and cost
No power loss from LiD or LeTID
Immune to and warranted against power loss from cell cracking
Industry’s best environmental profile with the lowest carbon and water footprint, and fastest energy payback
Enhanced soiling and snow shedding from under-mount back rail mounting design
Enhanced BOS savings through fewer connections and less mounting hardware per watt
Overall lower LCOE for a competitive return on investment
Manufactured under one roof for unrivaled quality & reliability
Responsibly manufactured with zero tolerance for forced labor
Larger form factor for more watts per install operation
Application Tracker Fixed Tilt
Market USA India
Download the Datasheets Datasheet Datasheet


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