First Solar is committed to provide safe and reliable means for our associates and our business partners to report concerns they may have about conduct at First Solar. You can raise concerns, confidentially and anonymously -if desired and permitted by applicable law- and free of any retaliation, discrimination, or harassments. 

Whether you are an associate, an officer or director or someone who does business with us, we ask that you bring to light good faith concerns regarding First's Solar's business practices.

We are all responsible for bringing up issues that need to be reported.

We have several different resources that you can report to: You can speak to your manager or reach to members of the HR department, the Ethics & Compliance Office, the Internal Audit team or use our Ethics Hotline; see for further details our Policy on Compliance Reporting.



Ethics and Compliance violations are suspected actions or inactions that go against our Code of Conduct "Relentless Integrity: How we conduct business ethically" or any other First Solar policy or procedure.


Fraud can range from theft to sharing confidential information for personal benefit or reporting of fraudulent financial information.


Improper Auditing and Accounting means any concerns related to accounting, violations of internal accounting controls, or any other auditing or financial matters.


People Concerns include discrimination and harassment, abuse of benefits, and risks to associates’ health and safety. 

Note: For issues such as payroll disputes or co-worker conflicts, please refer to your supervisor, a human resources representative or the Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Anonymous & Confidential Reporting Hotline:

Simple Online Form:

call the Toll-Free Telephone Numbers by Region below


Region Toll-Free Telephone Number Select Language Options
Germany 0800-1801580 Press 5
India 000-800-0403840 Press 000*
Japan 00531-12-2810 Press 8
Malaysia 1-800-81-9897 Press 09
Singapore 800-101-4197 Press 000*
United States 1-833-489-0007 N/A
Vietnam 180-040-0466 Press 08

*IMPORTANT: If your caller speaks a language other than those listed above, they are to select 000 and provide the operator their spoken language (preferably in English). An interpreter will then join the call to facilitate a three-party conversation by taking the report in the caller’s preferred language.

You do not need to provide your name, but please say you are calling about First Solar. All reports are reviewed by an independent third party to ensure confidentiality. First Solar does not tolerate retaliation against anyone who seeks help or reports concerns.

For Other Regions:

If your location isn't one of the main regions represented in the chart above, we recommend you use the online form as it is the quickest method, otherwise, please use the following directions to access the hotline.

Step 1: Find your region and phone provider in the AT&T chart found here: Call the number for your region in the second column.

* Make sure you review the footnotes in the fourth column from the left for important disclaimers. Below the chart is a legend that explains what each letter or number means in terms of calling condition and restriction.

Step 2: After dialing, dial 1-800-603-2869 when prompted by the operator.

Step 3: Using the dialect number chart below, choose your preferred language.

Language  Dialect Number   Language Dialect Number   Language  Dialect Number
Arabic Press 9   German  Press 5   Portuguese Press 7
Baha Malay / Indonesian Press 09   Hebrew Press 004   Russian  Press 002
Burmese Press 0001   Hindi Press 003   Spanish  Press 2
Cantonese Press 4   Hungarian  Press 01   Tagalog Press 07
Czech Press 04   Italian  Press 6   Taiwanese Press 05
Dutch  Press 03   Japanese Press 8   Thai  Press 006
English  Press 1   Korean Press 06   Turkish Press 005
Finnish Press 001   Mandarin  Press 4   Vietnamese Press 08
French Press 3   Polish Press 02   Other Press 000

Step 4: After you select your language, an operator will be with you in approximately 3 to 5 minutes.

Step 5: You DO NOT need to provide your name, but please identify the entity you are calling about (First Solar).

All reports are reviewed by an independent third party to ensure confidentiality. First Solar does not tolerate retaliation against anyone who seeks help or reports concerns.


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