Credit References

First Solar only provides publicly available financial information. Please use the following links to access commonly requested documents:

Quality and ESG

First Solar requires our suppliers to maintain stringent quality standards as outlined below:

Energy Services Suppliers

To become a supplier for our Energy Services group, please download the information below and send to the email noted in the document.

Accounts Payable

For processes and information regarding payments please see the following guidelines:

Global Trade Compliance

Global Trade Compliance requirements vary by region. Please utilize the resources below for guidance on customs clearance, duties, import permits and requirements, export licensing and restrictions or Incoterms.

First Solar’s Code of Conduct

"Relentless Integrity: How We Conduct Business Ethically" is an important resource designed to help First Solar to meet its business goals ethically. Relentless integrity and conducting business in accordance with First Solar’s Code of Conduct is expected of our global network of suppliers.


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